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Cryx tricks and secrets


2011 May 29 • 44
Epic Denegrha
Casting a spell does not make Epic Denegrha lose her Incorporal status.
This is because Magic Attacks are not Ranged Attacks nor Melee Attacks (despite having many similarities to Ranged Attacks).

Prime Denegrha
Her feat "Withering" makes enemy models suffer -2 to their FOCUS statistic (you can tell because it is in capital letters in the spell description.
This means an enemy caster who is affected will have his control area reduced by 4" for one round, and replenish two less focus in his next turn.


His feat "Black Gate" does not affect the cost of spells until they are cast. Enemy models like the Skarlock/Geowolden can still select spells that are normally 3 FOC/FURY. Once they're selected, it doesn't matter how much they cost because neither the Skarlock or Geowolden actually spend FOC/FURY when they cast.
Similarly, even though the feat reduces Scav's spells by 1, Scav's Skarlock can not select a FOC 4 spell.
Infernal ruling.

Witch Coven of Garlghast

Any reference to "Witch" in their special rules refers only to the 3 witches that are part of the Coven. It does not refer to Warwitches, Wraith Witch Denegrha, etc.

Epic Skarre:

Her feat, Fate Weaver, prevents a friendly model(s) from being targeted by an attack. The model(s) can still be trampled since Trample does not require a target. Likewise, you can be caught in an AOE or spray targeted at another model and will suffer the damage/effects.
Black Spot
ONLY Cryx models may make an additional attack since it specifies "friendly faction".
Black Spot only triggers on ranged and melee attacks, not from magic spells or magic abilities.
Only one extra attack is generated from a Trample or a Thresh, no matter how many enemy models were killed.
Because, in terms of the game rules, they are both considered to be only a single attack.
Black spot does not stack with Gerlak Slaughterborn's Killing Spree ability. He will only gain one additional attack after killing a model under black spot, not two. This is because they are resolved separately and as soon as one is resolved it negates the conditions on the other. See appendix A of Prime.
Death Ward
Versus something which allows the attacker to choose which column is damaged (such as "Precision Strike"), Death Ward has no effect.
This is because active player (the attacker) effects resolve before inactive player (the Cryx player). Rules thread.

Prime Skarre:

May still gain focus via her spell Ritual Sacrifice even if hit by disruption or similar - that only prevents focus replenishment.


Epic Goreshade's feat Reanimator:
can be used to bring back officer models (rules thread).
may not be used to create new units.
Returned trooper models must join their original unit. So normally, you can't increase a unit above it's original maximum size.
For instance, say you start with two units of 10-man satyxis raiders; you can not use the feat to recreate a unit of 5 and a unit of 15.
Models that are added to a unit (ie by the Necrosurgeon or by Bane Lord Tartarus) are considered to be part of the original unit.
For instance, if Bane Lord Tartarus added 2 banes to a 10 bane unit and you then lost 5, you could add all 5 back and go above the original 10.
You can not return models that have been "removed from play" as per the rule on page 68 of Prime.

Prime Goreshade's feat Dark Summons is legal in Mangled Metal scenarios.


If a warjack is in base-to-base with Morty, then it can use any focus that is "on" Mortenbra exactly as if it was "on" itself.
Interface does not work in reverse - Morty can not use focus that is "on" warjacks to cast spells, etc.
The model that moves due to Overrun is not necessarily the one you cast it on.
What happens is you cast Overrun on a model, then that model kills something, then Overrun triggers.
Once Overrun is triggered, you can choose which model advances - it doesn't have to be the same one you cast Overrun on.
A model moved by Overrun spell can still sacrifice movement during its normal activation.
For example, you can cast Overrun on a Leviathan, have it sacrifice its movement to get an aiming bonus, kill a model with your first shot, move the Leviathan via Overrun, and still have the aiming bonus for your next two shots!


Arcane Extension does not interact with a Stalker's Extended Control Range, because Deryliss does not increase Mortenbra's control area (he simply allows her to allocate to things in his command range).

Prime Asphyxious:
With his spell Breath of Corruption, if you are successful on your attack roll the model targetted is directly hit, and any other models are hit (but not directly hit).
Because the spell specifies it does "a POW 12 to every model hit", every model even a little bit under the template takes FULL damage. It is not blast damage and it is not halved.
Scything Touch affects all melee damage rolls, including free strikes and Point Blank attacks.
Scything Touch does not affect melee attack rolls.

Epic Asphyxious:

When using Excarnate, the model is always placed next to Asphyxious, no matter what the point of origin is (Skarlock, Deathjack, or Arc Node).


Ghost Walk / Ghostly
A Ghostly model can not move through models.
When declaring a charge etc, you still need LOS to your target before moving.

"Target model/unit"
Many spells/abilities use the phrase "target model/unit". If you target a unit you still only hit one model, but the entire unit is affected by the spell.
For instance, a trooper killed by Hellfire will still only be one dead trooper, but the unit has to take a command check.

Magic abilities
Magic abilities are spells (Infernal ruling).
If they are an attack, then roll 2D6 and add the number in brackets to determine if you hit (see page 83 of Prime).
Otherwise, they can be used as long as you fulfill all the conditions listed in the ability's description. They do not require a skill check (see page 83).

AOE spells and Blast damage
Some spells do full damage to everyone under the AOE, instead of doing blast damage and the POW getting halved.
If it uses the phrase "Models hit take a POW X damage roll" then it does full damage, because everyone under the AOE is hit.
Normal AOE weapon:
Roll to hit
If successful, model targetted is directly hit and takes full POW, models under AOE are hit and take POW/2 blast damage.
If unsuccessful, deviate, and models under AOE are hit and take POW/2 blast damage.
Normal AOE spell:
Roll to hit
If successful, model targetted is directly hit and takes full POW, models under AOE are hit and take POW/2 blast damage.
If unsuccessful, deviate, and models under AOE are hit and take POW/2 blast damage.
AOE spell that uses the phrase "Models hit take a POW X damage roll":
Roll to hit
If successful, model targetted is directly hit and takes a POW X damage roll, models under AOE are hit and take a POW X damage roll.
If unsuccessful, deviate, and models under AOE are hit and take a POW X damage roll.

Arc nodes

Channeling spells through Arc nodes
Although many different models can cast spells, only warcasters can channel spells. And only through arc nodes that are in their personal battlegroup.
Arc nodes in melee:
You can not channel when the arc node is engaged by an enemy model.
But you can channel if the arc node is engaging an enemy model.
For example, if you're in the enemy's back arc you're engaging them but they're not engaging you, so you can channel.
Also, you can target models outside of melee with the spell(s) you channel.
You can not channel offensive spells through the arc node onto the arc node (because offensive spells can not target point of origin).
You can run the arc node behind an enemy, then activate your caster and channel a spell, and you will get the back strike bonus.
To get a back strike bonus "the point of origin of the attack must be in the rear arc of the target model during the attacking model's entire activation", the arc node is the "point of origin," and the caster is the "attacking model". Where the arc node was during the arc node's activation doesn't matter.
Battlefinder Creator and Lead Developer
2011 Aug 12 at 23:41    (Edited 2011 Aug 12 at 23:48) NEW

2011 May 29 • 44

Several character jacks have affinities with casters (Nightmare with Denegrha, Cankerworm with Asphyxious, etc). These should not be confused with bonds, that other factions get.
A warjack can only have 3 focus as a result of allocation.
A warjack can go over 3 focus if it gains a focus point from some sort of special rule (for instance, the Deathjack's Skulls of Hate).


Using the Smash and Grab ability does not prevent you from making your initial tusk attack.
That means, after resolving the free power attack you may still make your initial tusk attack (if anything is still in range). Link to thread.
Soul drive is worded "...this model is allocated 1 additional focus...", which means:
He generates one point of focus each turn (unless he is disrupted or autonomous, see below).
Due to the rule "You may only allocate a warjack 3 focus", your warcaster can only give him another 2.
Sirens can not use power booster to give a Seether a 2nd focus. They can use it to give focus to disrupted Seethers and/or autonomous Seethers, though.
A Seether suffering from Disruption does not gain a focus from soul drive, because disruption states "warjacks hit with this weapon can not be allocated focus".
An autonomous Seether (for instance, one created by the Withershadow combine) can not gain a focus from soul drive, because autonomous warjacks can not be allocated focus.
A marshaled Seether can gain a focus from soul drive. Rules thread

Although it has a 360 degree LoS, it cannot choose to throw a model from one side of its base at something on the other side. You still have to obey the throw rules "throw in a direction away from the throwing model". See this ruling by an infernal.
Disruption does not strip a Deathjack of soul tokens, nor prevent souls turning into focus during your next control phase.
Although he can collect souls from Trample, only from models that are within 2" of his final position as per the usual cull soul rules.
(Trample movement occurs before making Trample attacks and destroying models)
Deathjack casting spells:
The Deathjack is not an arc node. It casts spells itself, via "Necromancy".
The Deathjack has to use his own focus pool to cast (and boost) his own spells, he cannot use his caster's focus.
The sentence "When making a magic attack roll, this model uses it's controller's FOCUS" means use your warcaster's FOC stat when making a magic attack roll.
Necromancy is not a Special Action nor a Special Attack, so the DJ can cast spells at any point of its activation (just like a warcaster does).
A Deathjack cannot cast spells with a range of SELF or CTRL.
He cannot channel spells through arc nodes, because they are not part of his battlegroup.
Deathjack souls, skulls, and focus allocation:
Short version:
Souls turn into focus.
Allocate focus from your warcaster, up to a max total of 3. If step (a) has already taken you over 3, then skip this step.
Skulls add focus.
Souls are turned into focus before focus allocation.
During focus allocation, you can not have more than 3 focus on a warjack as a result of focus allocation.
For example, if he had zero souls on him he may be allocated up to 3. If he had one soul on him it turns into one focus, and you can then allocate another two max (up to a total of 3). If he had 2 souls they turn into 2 focus, and you can allocate another one max (up to a total of 3). If he had 3 (or more) souls on him then they would turn into 3 focus (or more) and you cannot allocate him additional focus from your warcaster.
The Skulls of Hate occurs after focus allocation.
Because neither Souls nor Skulls of Hate turning into focus are focus allocation, either one can cause the Deathjack to go over the 3 focus limit.
Any questions, please check the rules thread about it here
A Deathjack with a crippled cortex:
May not be allocated focus nor use focus. Thus it can't cast spells, boost attacks, etc.
May still gain focus from Skulls of Hate (but still can't do anything with the focus until it's cortex is repaired).
May still use Rendering.
If its cortex is repaired, it may immediately start using focus.

After resolving damage from a harpoon shot, effects such as Enliven are triggered before Drag. This is because Drag is "an effect which involves making an additional attack". See Appendix A, step 12.
After using Drag, the Reaper may make a single melee attack without spending focus.
After performing this melee attack, it may make additional melee attacks by spending focus as normal.

His harpoon suffers the same restrictions as the Reaper's, above.
Possession and free strikes:
Malice can use possession on free strikes.
After possession finishes, the model can continue its activation normally, subtracting any movement that was "used up" before the free strike occurred.
If Malice possesses a charging model you may move it normally under possession, but when control returns to the original player the charge movement stops. It will be a failed charge if the charge target is not in melee range.
See the last two posts in this thread.

The different attack types are a special rule of the Corruptor model, not the weapons. So if the Cankerworm steals it then he wouldn't get to use any of the 3 attack modes .
The Burster mode doesn't give the weapon an AOE, but allows you to place an AOE if you meet certain conditions (box a living model).
Effects that trigger on "model destroyed" will not trigger on the burst model, as it is boxed then removed from play.
But they will trigger on models destroyed by the AOE (even though it's not part of the original attack). Infernal ruling
Any model with a bonus vs ranged or melee attacks (such as Kruger's deflection) do not get it vs the AOE.
Pyscho Venom:
Effects that trigger on "when a model destroyed is destroyed by this attack, after the attack is resolved immediately ..." will not trigger, because the model is not destroyed until the end of the turn but the attack is resolved well before that.

When a Harrower threshes, all attacks are simultaneous. Therefore souls gained from the first model threshed can not be used to boost attacks vs the second model threshed.
Souls can be used as soon as all thresh attacks are completely resolved.
When using Thresher, all models in LoS and melee range are attacked - friend or foe!

You can measure for the prey distance at the start of that model's activation. However, you could only measure up to 10" out from Nightmare's base.
Ghostly does not allow you to move through models (friend or foe).
Ghostly does not allow you to ignore LoS requirements, such as declaring charges through solid terrain.


Can use stolen Retribution weapons (that normally run off the field generator) for two reasons:
The rule stating that retribution weapons "can not be used if the field generator system is crippled" is a rule of the retribution model, not the weapon. And the cankerworm does not gain model's special rules.
The cankerworm does not have, and never can have, a crippled field generator system.
Can use special abilities for weapons that you'd assume need two weapons to work. It depends on the exact wording of the weapon.
For instance, you can steal a Slayer's deathclaw and do a combo-strike ("When making an attack with this weapon, ..." ).
But you can't steal a Seether's deathclaw and do a Smash-n-Grab ("When this model hits with both initial attacks with this weapon, ..." ).

May be affected by Overrun and Sprint on the same turn.

Unlike how you can measure your control range whenever you feel like it, you may only measure your "Extended Control Range" when it is necessary to do so (i.e. focus allocation, determing whether it has been affected by Mortenbra's Terminal Velocity spell, etc).
See this thread.
Battlefinder Creator and Lead Developer
2011 Aug 12 at 23:42    (Edited 2011 Aug 12 at 23:50) NEW

2011 May 29 • 44

Revenant Crew
Gunfighter allows you to make ranged attacks at models you're engaged in melee with. Point blank is different, it allows you to make melee attacks with your ranged weapon. This means:
Attacks made with a ranged weapon using the Point Blank ability will use MAT to hit instead of RAT.
They get the Gang Bonus on the Point Blank shot since it is a considered a melee attack.
Likewise they benefit from any spells that modifies "melee attack" or "melee damage" (such as Scything Touch).
They do not get boosted damage on a charge with the Point Blank shot (because the Point Blank rules specifically mention that).

Revenant Cannon Crew
Are Revenants, and thus can benefit from Rengrave's Veteran Leader ability.
The leader ignores LoS when making attacks with the ghost cannon. In other words, he has LoS to everything on the board whenever he makes a ranged attack.
Since the "check to see whether Rengrave is in my LoS" is done at exactly the same time as "make an attack", the leader can always see Rengrave when he is making attacks. Thus he always gets the bonus from Rengrave, no matter where Rengrave is.
Note that the other troopers, and the leader when making melee attacks, must determine LoS to Rengrave normally to gain the bonus.

Blackbane's Ghost Raiders
Are Revenants (Cryx Revenant Character Unit), and thus can benefit from Rengrave's Veteran Leader ability. (See page 29 of Prime, "Game terms").

The necrosurgeon can have an unlimited number of corpse tokens.
Collecting corpses:
May collect corpses from Brute Thralls. They have the word "Mechanithrall" in their unit title and therefore special rules referring to Mechanithralls also apply to them (see "Game Terms", pg 29 of Prime).
Surgeon and stitch thralls do not require LoS to collect corpse tokens.
A stitch thrall that is killed by the same attack as a Mechanithrall (caught in the same AOE for instance) may not collect the corpse token, because they both died at the same time. (See Appendix A, resolving simultaneous effects and triggering special rules).
Creating Mechanithralls
She may convert up to three corpse tokens into three mechaninthralls (at a 1-to-1 ratio) as a special action.
These new thralls must be placed in formation with an existing mechanithrall unit, you may not create a new unit.
Surgeon does not require LoS to any mechanithrall models that she creates.
The new mechanithralls can activate the same turn they were created IF the unit they joined has not yet activated.

If they gain Incorporeal via activating in Darragh Wrathe's command area, it only lasts during their activation, not an entire turn and definitely not the opponent's turn.
You remain Incorporeal during the Light Cavalry movement.
You may not use Light Cavalry movement if you run. See the thread: Clarification of Light Cavalry movement.

Withershadow Combine
Dark Industries:
Creates an autonomous warjack. (Not to be confused with an inert warjack.)
May activate on the turn it is put into play.
It is not part of your battlegroup, so it will not gain any benefits thereof. No free charges from Morty's Terminal Velocity, no channeling spells through its arc node, no etc.
You can not allocate focus to it from your caster. Nor can an autonomous Seether get a focus allocated to it from Soul Drive.
You can make it part of your battlegroup by the normal fashion.
Admonia's Unbinding:
The model that takes the d3 damage is the model that controls the spell. In other words, the enemy warcaster.
Admonia's Black Arts
In a multi-caster game, more than one warcaster can upkeep a spell for free. (Rules thread)
Battlefinder Creator and Lead Developer
2011 Aug 12 at 23:42    (Edited 2011 Aug 12 at 23:54) NEW

2011 May 29 • 44

Bane Lord Tarturus
Curse is an ability, not an attack. So it can be used against stealthed models. (Basically, you can't automatically miss when you never need to roll to hit.)
You need LoS to the enemy you are trying to Curse, as the rule says "target enemy model/unit."
Can create more than one bane when using Thresher. See this thread.
Does not require LoS to any bane models that he creates.
The new banes can activate the same turn they were created IF the unit they joined has not yet activated.
When using Thresher, all models in LoS and melee range are attacked - friend or foe!

Iron Lich Overseer
A Seether marshaled by the ILO still generates a focus from Soul Drive. Rules thread
ILO can not channel his spell "Dark Fire" through arc nodes because he has neither the battlegroup commander ability nor a control area.

Bloat Thrall
Its gun, "Despoiler", does not cause Continuous Effect: Corrosion.

Pistol Wraith
Models cannot spend focus to shake the effect of Death chill.
Death Chill does not stack with itself (nor does any buff or debuff spell/effect). i.e. You cannot use two pistol wraiths to Death Chill an enemy model twice.
Note that enemy models without magic weapons can't hurt you in melee, but they can prevent you from shooting. As soon as you attempt to shoot, you become corporeal, become engaged, and can't make ranged attacks. Gunfighter only gives you a half inch range - be careful of ending your movement near models with Reach.

Machine Wraith
Machine Meld is a Special Action, and so it can not be used after running or charging.
You can't activate the warjack on the same round you possess it.
The possessed jack is not part of your battlegroup, so you can not allocate focus to it, can not channel spells through its arc node, etc.
When you leave a warjack, you get to choose where your wraith is placed (as the controlling player).
You are still Incorporeal after leaving a warjack.
Can be trampled through when it's Incorporal, even though it has a medium base. Infernal ruling.

Skarlock Thrall
Casting spells:
The Skarlock is not an arc node. It casts spells itself, via "Spell Slave."
The Skarlock can cast a spell during its own activation. It does not "give an extra spell to the warcaster every round" or anything else silly.
A skarlock cannot cast spells with a range of SELF or CTRL.
You can not use focus that is on the warcaster to boost spells the Skarlock casts.
A skarlock cannot channel spells through arc nodes (because they are not part of the Skarlock's battlegroup).
Skarlock can use souls to boost magic attack rolls and magic damage rolls.
Casting spells is done via Spell Slave, which is a Special Action. Thus:
The skarlock does not need focus to cast a spell.
A skarlock is not affected by Lamentation. (Lamentation specifies that enemy spellcasters "spend twice as much focus to cast a spell")
Similarily, a skarlock is not affect by Scaverous's feat Black Gate. A friendly Scaverous doesn't let a Skarlock cast FOC 4 spells, and an enemy Scaverous doesn't stop a Skarlock casting FOC 3 spells.
Infernal ruling
After casting a spell, the skarlock's activation immediately ends (unlike what happens when your warcaster casts spells).
Any effect that stops the skarlock from using it's action will prevent it from using a special action, and thus won't be able to cast spells.
A skarlock can not cast a spell after charging. See this thread.
The skarlock is the Point of Origin of the spell, but the warcaster is "considered" to have Cast the spell. What this means in practice is:
you use the warcaster's current FOC stat if/when you make magic attack rolls;
the warcaster can upkeep spells that the skarlock cast;
if the skarlock casts an upkeep spell already in play, the previous one will expire immediately (just as if your warcaster did the same thing).

Scrap Thrall
If they charge then make a death burst attack, the damage is not boosted because the rules state "Instead of dealing damage normally."
Can make a normal attack - you don't always have to explode!

Battle Engines

Wraith Engine
Being Undead, the Wraith Engine is affected by Terminus' "Shadow of Death" ability. That's right, a Battle Engine with Tough.
Battlefinder Creator and Lead Developer
2011 Aug 12 at 23:42    (Edited 2011 Aug 12 at 23:55) NEW

2011 May 29 • 44

Gunfighters with Reach can make Gunfighter attacks up to 2" away. Rules thread.
Gunfighters, charging, and special attacks
Gunfighters can not make special ranged attacks with their ranged weapons when charging.
The rules on charging state you must make initial melee attacks or a special melee attack.
The rules on gunfighter state you can make initial attacks with your ranged weapons if you charge, but make no mention of special ranged attacks on the charge.
Gunfighter vs. Point Blank
Gunfighter allows you to make ranged attacks in melee, with a range equal to the model's melee range. You cannot make both melee and ranged attacks during the same activation unless you have a special rule that allows it. So it's a choice of either sword or pistol for a Gunfighter model (unless you have Virtuoso or a similar special rule).
Point blank lets you make melee attacks with your ranged weapon with a melee range of 0.5" during the model's activation. As this is a melee attack, it doesn't prevent you from making other melee attacks during your activation. So both pistol and sword can be used at the same time.
Any modifiers to your ranged attacks will affect Gunfighter attacks, but not Point Blank attacks.
Any modifiers to your melee attacks will affect Point Blank attacks, but not Gunfighter attacks.

"Lasts one turn" vs "Lasts one Round"
A turn is a single player's turn. A round is every player having a turn each. See page 42 of Prime.
Something that lasts "one turn" will last from when it happens, until the end of the current player's current turn.
Something that lasts "one round" will last from when it happens, until the start of the current player's next turn, regardless of his location in the turn order.

"May not be charged"
Spells/effects that prevent a model being targeted by a charge attack (for example, eGaspy's Hellbound spell) also prevent the model from being targeted by a slam.
They do not prevent enemy models from trampling, walking into combat, or running into melee range.

Line of Sight:
Being Incorporeal does not allow you to ignore line of sight when you target other models, whether for attacks or charging.
For instance, you can't declare a charge against a model on the opposite side of a large solid building (even though you can move through the building).
Incorporeal models do not count as intervening models for LoS purposes.
Losing Incorporeal:
You lose Incorporeal when you declare an attack.
Note that declaring a charge is not declaring an attack, for instance if you declare a charge and fail the charge movement, you remain Incorporeal.
Once you lose it, you lose it for an entire round. So if you make a free strike during your enemy's turn, you're stuck being Corporeal until your enemy's next turn.
Other models moving through Incorporeal models:
Incorporeal models can be trampled through regardless of base size. Infernal ruling
You may take free strikes against models moving through you. Now, generally speaking, the moment they leave your front arc is the time they are going to be standing right on top of your base. This is okay, resolve the attack normally and then:
- If you destroy it, they are removed from the table and you stay where you were.
- If you knockdown/make stationary/cripple warjack's movement system/etc, then they stop right where they "left your melee range" and you follow the rules of least disturbance.
- If you don't achieve the above, then the model continues its movement normally.
Non-magical effects from magical weapons:
Incorporeal models will not take damage from moving through effects (such as covering fire) unless the effect specifically mentions that it does magic damage. Even if the weapon that laid down the effect was magical in and of itself (for instance, Winterguard under Aiyana and Holt's "magical weapon" spell).

does affect friendly living models.

Sacrificial Pawn and Sprays and AOE
A model hit by a spray attack can use Sacrificial Pawn to pass it to another model. The placement of the template does not change. Note that this may cause that model (the Pawn) to be hit twice by the same spray.
A model directly hit by an AOE may use Sacificial Pawn to pass it to another model. The new model is directly hit by the AOE and the AOE is centred over it (even if this moves it out of the firer's LoS, range, etc)
If a model is hit, but not directly hit, by an AOE it may not use Sacrificial Pawn.

Official Errata

Don't forget to check the official errata! I recommend writing the corrections straight into your rule book, it's a lot easier than trying to always remember which rules have changed.

(An errata is a correction of a book. The Warmachine/Hordes errata corrects several typos, and even changes some core rules)

Obscure rulings/loop holes

Black Spot + Drag -> Infinite Loop
An Infernal ruled that additional attacks granted by Black Spot must be the same as your initial attack. Infernal ruling
This means that Blackspot + Drag could theoretically cause an infinite number of attacks. (Good luck doing it in practice though)
Fire harpoon, damage and get drag from harpoon.
Move enemy model and get melee attack from drag.
Kill the enemy and get Black Spot attack from melee attack.
Fire harpoon from Black spot, damage and get drag from harpoon.
Move enemy model and get melee attack from drag.
Kill the enemy and get Black Spot attack again from melee attack.
You'd think that the special rules would prevent this step, but the restriction only says "Attacks gained from Black Spot attacks can not cause additional attacks from Black spot." And you just killed the enemy model with a drag + melee attack, not a black spot + ranged attack.
Rinse, repeat, ad finitum.

Sacrificial Pawn multiple times
If a model with the Sacrificial Pawn ability passes it to another model that also has Sacrificial Pawn ability, that second model may pass it along again.
Only real use would be, if you were hit by an AOE, to move it even further away/get it to cover even less models.
Infernal ruling
Battlefinder Creator and Lead Developer
2011 Aug 12 at 23:42    (Edited 2011 Aug 12 at 23:57) NEW
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